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A good example of the new way of living afforded by Passeig de Mar is the “Club de Mar”.

Located right next to La Llosa beach and exclusively for the use of Passeig de Mar residents, the “Club de Mar” will feature magnificent swimming pools and a wonderful beachside terrace and bar. There will also be a sun-bathing area with sun loungers and umbrellas, changing rooms with showers and everything you need to enjoy the beach from sunrise to sunset.

The “Club de Mar” is set to become the social hub of the Passeig de Mar community. The ideal place to spend enjoyable quality time with friends, family and neighbours. For water sports enthusiasts, La Llosa beach offers ideal conditions for swimming, sailing and windsurfing

Passeig de Mar residents also have access to the fantastic spa and sports facilities (tennis, paddle tennis, etc) at El Dorado Playa.

The spa is equipped with the very latest technology and unbeatable water quality. A swimming pool, heated ozone pool, steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzis, beauty treatments and physiotherapy are but a few of its many attractions.