MedGroup believes that the principles of sustainability and respect for the environment and natural surroundings are of prime importance to everything it does. To this end, it has set up its own Environmental and Social Responsibility Department, the aims of which are:

  • The creation of a model for sustainable development and construction.
  • To contribute to property designs that take all environmental issues into consideration and feature the latest innovations in the field.
  • To foster awareness amongst its suppliers and construction companies regarding the implementation and compliance with environmental standards and social responsibility guidelines.
  • To contribute to the development of a truly exemplary model for sustainable golf course design and management.
  • To work closely with all departments within the company to ensure that appropriate levels of respect for the natural and social surroundings are maintained throughout planning, urban development, construction and maintenance processes.
  • To take part in research initiatives and exchange experiences relating to property development and/or sustainable building practices.
  • To undertake research into the economic, social and environmental impact of its developments in collaboration with the R&D departments of universities and professional institutions.